New Email for Owen

I’ve just updated our Contact page with my new email address:
naturalhousesATgmail dot com

My old strawhouses yahoo address is no longer functional, and the new email address posted yesterday was instantly hacked. If you’ve been trying to reach me lately and I haven’t responded, please resend your message to my new address.

2 thoughts on “New Email for Owen”

  1. Hello Mr Geiger,

    I’ve been dreaming about the possibility to build my own home from your torus design for over a year now. My question is can you actually design a rectangular sort of modified torus structure with no atrium/greenhouse for a family of 5 or should I have another person modify your design? I really would love for you to do it but I realize you may not actively design or alter your originals. Please email me or respond to this post.

    • I no longer do custom designs, but sure you can design anything you want. That’s the beauty of doing a custom home. Hire a local designer who specializes in green construction like straw bales, adobe, etc.


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