Nomadic Gardner Grows In Florida + Maine on Other People’s Land

“After visiting Jim’s winter market garden in Florida, it’s time to follow up and see his summer market garden in Maine. See all the tricks of this nomadic gardeners trade.”

Jim, the nomadic gardener, is a fountain of wisdom. This excellent video shows his gardening methods in Maine where he’s growing on an abandoned farm near the Canadian border. He uses only a few hand tools, and doesn’t water, weed or fertilize, and each year the land is improved. Be sure to see how Jim grows the rest of the year in Florida in Part 1: $5.6K a Month Gardening (Other People’s Yards)

Justin Rhodes YouTube channel (Lots of excellent content. Highly recommended. Follow Justin and his family as they travel the country in their converted school bus and document good gardening/farming practices.)

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  1. Read the comments below the YouTube video and you’ll see all the people who want to come help and learn from Jim. He could even rent out his tent on AirBnB. He could have interns and/or offer workshops.


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