Off Grid Living: The Importance of A Homestead Pantry

“Off Grider’s, preppers and doomsday people, a PANTRY on any homestead is a key essential part of the success of your independent and sufficient lifestyle. However mistakes can be made that make the pantry more costly then it really needs to be. So thru our own experiences we have learned some good tricks and things to avoid when starting a pantry. We hope these tips will get the homesteader off to a good start!!”

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2 thoughts on “Off Grid Living: The Importance of A Homestead Pantry”

  1. Thanks Owen
    This subject has been on the back burner of my mind. It did get me to wonder about the best way to keep it cool and dry for my particular build. Perhaps I’m over thinking it but, at least it got me to thinking in the first place. Good subject.


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