Ingenious New Building Method Replaces Concrete Block with Rammed Earth — 12 Comments

  1. Is there any forms to apply for training? What days of the week trainings are available and what time does it start. I am at kathmandu at the moment. Is there any fees for training. Any link would be great.


  2. Your informations are very interesting. I am looking forward to build up some clay houses in Nepal. The neighbours of us, where we live when we are in Nepal, lost also their houses. My interesting is to vuild houses with their own materials if it is possible. Thank you for your engagement and your visions.
    Yours Helga Hagen-Weinzetl

    • The best building method for Nepal that’s available now is earthbag building. Search our blog for previous stories. I’m coming to Nepal in about two weeks to train local builders.

  3. The hollow blocks make it easy to add reinforcing and cavity insulation. The current blocks use some cement (less than 50% of cement blocks), but they hope to reduce this to 0% by improving the block making process. They’re already way greener than cement blocks because they use waste clay and minerals from abandoned quarries versus virgin sand and gravel.

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