OHOME Passive Solar Studies

“A visual description of passive solar design of the OHOME. Sun penetrates during the heating season, but is rejected during the cooling season, optimizing passive solar heating and cooling.

The OHOME™ ships flat-packed inside of a standard shipping container, and all coded and sequenced construction components unload and install easily using our patents-pending SIPFS and SIPFS Assembly Technology, (Structural Insulated Panel & Finish System). Think of the OHOME™ like a giant Ikea™ home in a box. The OHOME™ arrives complete with all the tools and equipment you will need to assemble it – all you need to do is provide the foundation (but we also have a raised floor option that does not require a slab foundation). All OHOMES feature the same high-quality structure, materials and systems, with variations only in the floorplan and the building’s overall form or shape. The Wave model was the first OHOME we designed, and is the most structurally and thermally efficient of our three models due to its vaulted shape. With 12′ ceilings, the Wave offers generous, airy living spaces that are well suited for a wide range of climates. The Wave has a floorplan of 20′ in width, by 40′ in length, with an additional 4′ to 6′ of overhangs that help to extend the spaces by providing deep roofed-over porch and storage areas while doubly functioning as built-in solar shading for the Summer months. The 2O’ x 34’ OHOME offers high-performance green housing at an incredibly low cost.”

Source: Andy R. Thomson
This is a super efficient design, good job. Metal quonset roofs like this are readily available in many places.

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    • Thanks. Most people would not want to live in a quonset hut, but this clever design uses these manufactured materials to make a more traditional home with a very durable roof.


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