Old World Stone House Fixer-upper

Maybe you’d prefer a fixer-upper instead of starting from scratch? I love old world stone houses like this. Note how the structures are attached. They were probably added on one at a time over the years.

18th Century farm with outbuildings on 4.4 Ha
742,000 Euros

More info at RHF International

4 thoughts on “Old World Stone House Fixer-upper”

  1. Looks lovely, but at 742,000 Euros, I don’t think so. If you search hard (and if you are looking to buy property, you probably should), you can surely find much better deals than that.

    I have a friend that bought a country house with a little land and an outbuilding that wasn’t much in need of repair for $6000, and I stupidly missed out on a very large country house minutes from a famous hot spring and the sea that was $55,000 for much more land (not open and especially useful land though!)

    Personally I’m looking for places in Japan, where country houses are made of wood and land included with them is often a massive patch of mountain forest instead of useful land, but I did a couple of quick comparisons and you can find similar priced deals in the UK and the US, so I’d imagine that in Europe, which is full of old country homes, you can find lots of incredible deals if you look hard.

    Provence sounds quite romantic though. I have no idea, but it sounds like the kind of place that would be full of beautiful houses being marketed as second homes to rich people from the city, which might explain that price tag?

    • You’re right, lots of good deals can be found with persistence. This video was shown primarily to showcase the beautiful old stone buildings. I imagine one could find old country houses in almost every country. Most are probably not in modern subdivisions, which is a big plus. They probably require a bit of a drive to get to. But like you say, you’re more likely to get nice trees and scenery. I vote for old country houses (well made) with high speed Internet over modern tract houses.


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