Open-air Bathrooms — 5 Comments

  1. kindly update me on the new concepts in earth building i have a vision to put up cottages for accommodation in my village/eco lodge so that i can create jobs and again i wish i could get a partner.Am based in kenya and i love the natural building concept.
    With regards.

  2. I am very concerned about your information on people who have built their homes and gardens way off the grid, in the desert, San Bernadino counties and ??
    county rulings to dismantle their homes, destroy, terrible!
    basic needs, food, shelter, clothing!
    we need to fight, who is? how?
    can they not be grandfathered in?
    appreciate your blog!

  3. Vote for your favorite. Or send a link if you find one better.

    Also note, you don’t have to go “all out” like these designer bathrooms. Even a few small touches can make a big difference.

    • in the little below permit, domes of mine in the Mojave Desert, 50 miles west of Las Vegas, am designing bathrooms and kitchen outdoors, these are good ideas and give people ways to re think their needs! I will send you cc next spring when I have finished them!
      so appreciate your blog!

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