Open Concept Tiny House with Clever Custom Furniture – Off Grid Home Tour

Kate and Simon built this 250 square foot off-grid Scandinavian-style tiny house as a cottage and have since started building tiny houses as a family business.

This tiny house is 8.5 feet wide, 13 feet tall, and 20 feet long. It’s been designed to be fully off-grid with a solar panel and 12-volt battery bank for power, propane for the stove and water heater, and a cubic mini wood stove for heat.

They used a soy-based spray foam insulation, and a natural oil finish for the interior wood finish. We love all the space saving furniture they custom designed for their tiny house, and all the thought that went into making it a functional space for the couple and their young son.


5 thoughts on “Open Concept Tiny House with Clever Custom Furniture – Off Grid Home Tour”

  1. With the soy-based spray foam insulation, have you had any problem with mice & rats being attracted to your insulation? A few years ago there was car soy-base wire covering that ran into mice & rats eating the wire covering.

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