Owen Geiger Interview by Lively Magazine

Earthbag Lodge with Domes – one of over 130 house designs by Owen Geiger at EarthbagPlans.wordpress.com
Earthbag Lodge with Domes – one of over 130 house designs by Owen Geiger at EarthbagPlans.wordpress.com

Your designs are created to withstand earthquakes and hurricanes and the design would be easily adaptable to most cultures. What are some other advantages?
Other advantages are explained throughout our sites (over 1,000 pages of free info online). Advantages include: no need for expensive concrete foundations (gravel bags on rubble trench foundations works great – this can save you thousands of dollars on this one thing alone); ease of creating almost any shape you want – roundhouses, domes, free form designs, you name it; ability to build underground or with earth sheltering or earth berming; no need for wood if wood is scarce or expensive; bags can be filled with insulation (lava rock, etc.) in cold climates, or insulation can be added to the exterior; owner-builder friendly – virtually anyone can build this way using very few tools and little or no special training. We have free step-by-step tutorials on the Internet and YouTube videos. Our main site at EarthbagBuilding.com archives all the best feature articles, videos, lists of resources, as well as lots of photos and details of finished projects.

Are you involved in other projects for the green community?
In addition to my natural building work, I spend a lot of time researching renewable energy systems. The big story this past year has been new developments in cold fusion, which is now more accurately called Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR). Mainstream media is owned by big businesses such as Westinghouse, so for the most part they don’t cover the news about this exciting breakthrough. Fortunately, there’s lots of good info on the Internet. In short, LENR will likely change the world more than almost any other discovery in history. Yes, it’s 100% confirmed by hundreds of top scientists, research labs and major universities. And yes, NASA is busy patenting the basic processes. And yes, there’s a huge race to commercialize the process.

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