Park Ranger’s Tiny House is only 50 Square Feet!

“In this clip, Derek “Deek” Diedricksen talks to Trekker Trailers honcho Andrew Bennett about his tiny house on wheels (while on display at the Florida Tiny House Festival outside St. Augustine)- a vardo/gypsy wagon of only 50 square feet in size. While tiny, this structure still includes a bathroom and shower, food prep area, sleeping space for two, a desk, fridge, and storage!”

Florida Tiny House Festival drew over 30,000 attendees per day.

For more on Trekker Trailers-

2 thoughts on “Park Ranger’s Tiny House is only 50 Square Feet!”

    • I think its really unique and interesting. LOTS of people can’t afford “affordable” $70,000 tiny houses for instance.


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