Give Young Nepalis the Chance to Take Back Their Own Country

“Stand on a Kathmandu street corner and meet the smartest, most talented young men and women you’ll ever run into, all determined to get their country back on its feet after a catastrophic earthquake. Hike into the mountains and meet their parents, living in tin shacks and waiting for government aid that may never come.

Nepal’s newest generation stands ready to rebuild Nepal’s homes and schools, this time safely. Because what happened in April of 2015 must never happen again.

The question is how, and we have the answer – Earthbag Technology. Our FREE teaching and training programs give young Nepalis the chance to take back their own country.


Using ordinary soil from underneath peoples’ feet, Earthbag technology is cheaper, safer and stronger than brick, cement or stone, and tough enough to stand up to even the strongest earthquakes. In Nepal, where a 7.8 magnitude earthquake destroyed over 500,000 structures and left millions displaced, all 55 Earthbag buildings survived with no structural damage.

Because it relies primarily on ordinary soil from the worksite, our Earthbag technology is also eco-friendly and sustainable. No bricks or blocks means fewer factories and trucks and lower fuel consumption, and that means less pollution and more conservation of scarce natural resources. That’s good for Nepal, and good for all of us.

Best of all, Earthbag technology is TEACHABLE, and that’s what we do. In a little more than a year, in our classroom and out in the field, we’ve trained over 800 Nepalis to build with Earthbags, all without charge. Many are now building their own Earthbag homes and schools, and teaching their friends to do the same.

All money will go directly to teaching and training programs, for those Nepali communities most in need. We’re a no-frills, New York based, tax-deductible, 501(c)(3) organization with minimal overhead and top management working on a strictly voluntary basis. We rely on an extensive network of volunteers from all over the world, and in Nepal your dollar will go a long, long way, assuring maximum impact.”

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