My Passive Solar Tiny House

“An introduction to the passive solar design features of my strawbale tiny house. This 450 sq ft house uses south facing windows to heat itself during winter, supplementing heat provided by a wood stove. Roman-style thermal curtains on all windows help to conserve heat. A cantilevered second floor and overhangs keep the sun out during warmer times of the year. This is one of many passive solar strawbale houses at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage.”

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2 thoughts on “My Passive Solar Tiny House”

  1. Very nice informational video. He really thought out the process of his build, and it shows. I love how he gave tips on how to get free wood for the fire place.

  2. Great Insulated Roman Shades.

    beautiful home. THank you, Dan, for making videos of your adventures and sharing them with everyone

    presently where I rent, i use contractor’s garbage bags with Roxul R-30 insulation to put in my framed in doorways and windows at night and on cold days.


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