The Honey House; Step by Step (2016)

“A ‘how to’ movie showing how we designed and built a complete cob house in Southern California. With 3 girls, plenty of helpers, only $1500 and a whole lot of mud love!

The Honey House is a three room tiny home at Spirit Pine Sanctuary, Southern California. We designed, funded and built the structure over 3 months in Spring 2015 with an amazing team of apprentices, assistants and helpers. The cottage was designed with a sculptural lounge, cool summer bedroom and bright winter loft space. The budget for the project was around $1,500.

It was a physically demanding work of endurance, as you can see in our ‘How To’ movie above. However it was a life changing event for me, and perhaps many of the other people involved. A chance to truly create, invent, inspire and connect.

See MudLove for more information :-)

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