Permiesepulveda Earthbag Update

Permiesepulveda earthbag addition
Permiesepulveda earthbag addition

“So, we are actually making some progress on the earthbag addition. We framed all the walls, hung the sliding barn door and the bi-folding door, and the mud infill has been a whole lot of fun.

We will have a plaster party next month to cover the walls. The final step will be putting in the packed earth floor. Sometimes I go downstairs to check on the project and laugh to myself, “I am making an add-on out of mud and dirt!” Pretty funny.

I felt better when I heard a broadcast about straw and mud construction in Yemen. NPR had a really cool slide show of images from downtown Yemen where they have cob sky rise buildings that have been standing for 4 centuries!”


[We don’t hear about earthbag additions very often. This is another great option.]

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