Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven

Make homemade pizza in a Pizzeria Pronto outdoor pizza oven
Make homemade pizza in a Pizzeria Pronto outdoor pizza oven

Make healthy homemade pizza in your backyard. “The Pizzeria Pronto® is Pizzacraft’s deluxe outdoor pizza oven that will change pizza night forever! It’s lightweight, portable and safe on any surface. It’s incredibly easy to use. Simply hook it up to a propane tank, let it pre-heat for 10 minutes, and you’re ready to go.

The Pizzeria Pronto reaches cooking temperatures of over 700°F and cooks a pizza in only 5 minutes. The Pizzeria Pronto features a heat containing visor and stainless steel reflection plate, resulting in a 20% decrease in cooking time. The Pizzeria Pronto comes with two 14″ baking stones. It is not recommended to use a pizza steel on top of the baking stones.”

Consider using a no-knead pizza dough recipe on YouTube. That’s what I did for years. Baking the pizza in a gas-fired oven makes the process very fast and simple. You can control the ingredients if it’s homemade and get it just the way you like it. If it’s out of your budget then you could buy one of their stones and build a hood over a regular BBQ grill.

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  1. There are numerous no-knead recipes online. The original method works great, but there’s a new version that makes it even easier. The same basic dough recipe can be used to make almost every type of bread from cinnamon rolls to regular loaf bread.


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