How & Why Plants Build the BEST SOIL in Vegetable Gardens

Want to grow/build excellent soil at the lowest cost? Listen to this incredible information from world famous organic farmer Gabe Brown. He gets bumper crops without using any fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides or tilling.

Gabe first grows ‘green manure’ soil building ground covers. Then he knocks them down with a roller and plants his seeds. Gabe is saving about $80,000/year on his organic farm. This is how to crush the big agra companies that are destroying topsoil across the world.

If you enjoy this video then check out other videos by I Am Organic Gardening channel. Mark has many other excellent videos about building healthy soil naturally. He explains how once you build healthy soil you probably won’t need to keep adding so many soil amendments. Soil building plants do the work for you.

5 thoughts on “How & Why Plants Build the BEST SOIL in Vegetable Gardens”

  1. Gabe also uses livestock to graze down crops quickly and deposit manures in soil and leaves the roots to rot. This can significantly increase fertility over short time periods, too.

    • Yes, this helps prove that livestock used correctly can improve the soil. Sadly, look how poorly the BLM manage western land. We need a whole new generation of ag scientists who are trained in permaculture, etc. because those employed now are mostly doing a poor job in my opinion. Proof: where are the hundreds and thousands of videos by newly converted ag scientists explaining how to build soil like Gabe Brown and Ray Archuleta?

      • Yes, a lot of western land is poorly managed, and in many different ways. Many places have over grazing, others have over resting (like national parks), and the whole region is desertifying at an alarming rate.

  2. This man is a genius and someone (no everyone) needs to start listening. My family farms in KS and use GMO, Round up and all manner of chemicals to produce their crops. They have been so conditioned that they don’t know any other way. This alternative needs to be shared far and wide. This is our only hope to save our food supply, keep our food healthy and our farms productive. Thank you so much for sharing this. Inspirational!

  3. Farmers can also save a ton of money by needing fewer pieces of farm machinery and using smaller tractors. Farmers are starting to learn that all the plowing and chemicals are destroying their land and livelihoods. Even a few ag scientists are waking up to the truth and teaching farmers how to protect and build soil naturally.


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