Plastic Bottle Village Recycles PET bottles to Build Houses

This home is part of a plastic bottle village in Panama.
This home is part of a plastic bottle village in Panama.

“When it comes to green architecture, many recycled things come to our mind from clay houses to PET bottle construction. One example of such environment friendly architecture is the world’s first Plastic Bottle Village located on Isla Colón in Panama. The entire village is made from over a million recycled PET bottles. Built on 83-acres of tropical jungle, the village consists of nearly 120 houses and a lodge.

Robert Bezeau, founder of Plastic Bottle Village, has come up with this idea to encourage people to get rid of plastic waste from their surroundings but in the most functional and effective way. Walls of each house in the village consist of steel cages that are filled with plastic bottles, and later encased in a concrete mix.

Although steel and concrete are not really related with sustainability, but the bottles that are lying inside the sleet cage offers insulation to the building. The plastic bottles integrated within the walls are able to keep homes 17-degrees Celsius cooler than outside temperature.
According to the reports, one of these plastic bottle homes will cost only a third of the cost that’s required to build a house made from bricks and concrete. Furthermore, these houses are strong enough to withstand earthquake tremors.”

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  1. Thanks to Chris for finding this story. I try hard to keep up with natural building developments, but it’s impossible because so much is going on. This looks like a great project!


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