Rapid Growth in Tiny Homes — 3 Comments

  1. The tiny house movement is turning into a big trend. I like the point made in the first video where they put the money saved on rent into income generating businesses like a hoop house. Do this for a few years and you can save up to build a larger home if you want.

    In other words, it’s hard to get ahead if all your money is going to pay bills — just “treading water”.

    • I went through a similar story with making my little house. It freed me up to be able to make some more creative, and better choices with how I use my time. And, I hope early next year I can sell my tiny house and use some proceeds towards extended travel while assisting with earth-building projects. It’s been a game-changer, certainly!

      • Good story. Thanks for sharing. I think too many people are put off by the small space in a tiny house instead of thinking more seriously about the benefits.

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