Rapid Growth in Tiny Homes

“Leah Wymer and Brady Ryan moved into 98 square feet so they could pursue their passions. From growing wedding flowers to making honey and sea salt, they say their tiny home is at the center of it all. Leah Wymer and Brady Ryan’s house-on-wheels wasn’t some big, planned project. Wymer’s dad, a carpenter, thought it would be fun, so they bought a used trailer off Craigslist for $500 and started building.

Two years later, the tiny home named Tina developed into “this huge thing.” Not a huge footprint — she’s only 98 square feet — but a huge, move-to-the-island and start-your-own-business thing.” Read the full story on Zillow Blog.

The Tiny Home Built by A Bad-Ass Single Mom


3 thoughts on “Rapid Growth in Tiny Homes”

  1. The tiny house movement is turning into a big trend. I like the point made in the first video where they put the money saved on rent into income generating businesses like a hoop house. Do this for a few years and you can save up to build a larger home if you want.

    In other words, it’s hard to get ahead if all your money is going to pay bills — just “treading water”.

    • I went through a similar story with making my little house. It freed me up to be able to make some more creative, and better choices with how I use my time. And, I hope early next year I can sell my tiny house and use some proceeds towards extended travel while assisting with earth-building projects. It’s been a game-changer, certainly!

      • Good story. Thanks for sharing. I think too many people are put off by the small space in a tiny house instead of thinking more seriously about the benefits.


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