Rebuild Namkheli, Nepal – 6 Earthbag Houses Completed

Six more earthbag houses completed in Nepal
Six more earthbag houses completed in Nepal

“25th April 2015 is my 2nd birthday”, said Ang Furba Sherpa, our partner from Be Human Nepal. And it is so true for many Nepalese who had experienced the devastating earthquake which tore Nepal apart exactly year ago. The homes of our students at Manjushree Singa Primary School in Namkheli village were also not spared.

On their behalf, we will like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all our donors and supporters for making “Rebuild Namkheli” project possible. It was a humble effort but without the enormous help from everyone, we would not have been able to raise SGD27,078 to give 6 families in Namkheli Village a safe home.”

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