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There are two new websites to facilitate networking among earthbag builders in Nepal. Both are new and just getting started. More content will be added shortly. The main purpose of these sites is to make it easy for groups to communicate with each other, as well as post announcements and news.

First Steps Himalaya Facebook page: Earthbag Rebuild Nepal
This group has been created by First Steps Himalaya as a forum for anyone wanting information about earthbag building and how this could be applied in the post earthquake situation in Nepal.

Earthbag Building in Nepal Meetup
With the help of Vava, one of our readers, we’ve created a Meetup group where people can network with each other and discuss building with earthbags in Nepal.

Here’s the text from the welcome page:
This group unites all the friends who want to help rebuild Nepal after #Nepalearthquake.

This group will facilitate real-time meetups and events to rebuild Nepali village houses, schools etc. destroyed by Nepal Earthquake 2015 using the Earthbag technique – let’s build it better, greener, safer and cheaper!

Please join this meetup if you feel like helping the group or if you are already part of an Earthbag building group and have been successfully building elsewhere in the world.

For more information about Green Earthbag Building and other natural building methods, go to: Natural Building

The moderator of this group is Owen Geiger who resides in Thailand and coordinates Earthbag projects worldwide.

We are a group of meditators living in Nagarjun Hills, Kathmandu who are willing to make Earthbag a household name around the world.

To donate to the cause, go to

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