Recycled Glass Insulation — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Owen, depending on what Kind of Sand, we’re running actually out of it! Desert Sand is useless for most purposes, therefore beaches are plundered. Meanwhile we can talk about Peak Beach…
    Best wishes

    • Agreed. In some areas greedy companies are plundering rivers, streams, wildlife areas, etc. for sand to make concrete. This is a huge problem in some places. Hopefully these insulation companies are using sand in a responsible way. In Colorado where I used to live there are big pockets of sand that have washed down from the Rocky Mountains. Companies would quarry the sand and create ponds for wildlife.

      This made me realize something else. How do you harvest materials sustainably for multi-million population cities where people live in large houses and work in skyscrapers? It may be impossible. So natural builders and authors of natural building books need to take into consideration the need to procure natural building materials sustainably.

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