Reminder of Earthbag Roundhouse Workshop

There’s still time to sign up for our roundhouse workshop in Thailand. About a dozen people have signed up so far.

The workshop is from April 19-25, 2010 in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand. The $500 cost covers lodging (now at a nearby resort due to a price increase at the planned for hotel), shuttle van and local tours of interest, such as the King’s royal sustainability projects.

Complete info for this workshop and for earthbag building apprenticeships is on my Workshops page.

7 thoughts on “Reminder of Earthbag Roundhouse Workshop”

    • No definite workshop plans yet. It largely depends on demand. We could start something in October/November. If there’s insufficient interest, then we’ll wait until March/May. But you could still come for an internship. We have one intern who may come next month.

  1. WOW! I live in Thailand, but cannot take the time off from work… I just never thought something this cool would be on my side of the world. :)

    • Maybe you can come to a future workshop. Or you’re welcome to just stop by and visit.

      We just finished a workshop in Koh Phangan. Our first intern starts in about two days. And we’re planning 1-2 workshops per year, starting with this one in April.

    • Hallo,

      I live in Thailand in Khao Lak. We run our Permaculture Project “PANDORA”.
      We build 4 private Bungalows for our family, before we know Earthbag Building.

      Myself and few friends are interested in a Workshop of Earthbag Building.

      Please send me a e-mail when you will hold your next workshop in Thailand and we will try to enjoy.

      All the best



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