Report from Nepal

Earthbag school in Agara, Nepal under construction in November 2015.
Earthbag school in Agara, Nepal under construction in November 2015.

“It’s very inspiring to see so many Nepali people being very eager to learn about Earthbag technology. We have posted an announcement about our upcoming earthbag training workshops and one of the questions was:
– “What is your plan after completing the training? What are you planning to build using the EarthBag technology?”

Here are some of the answers we got:
– “I am planning to build libraries in rural districts of Nepal.”
– “After the training completion, I am hoping to get an opportunity to learn more about sustainable buildings. I have a big dream to make the world a better place to live by making our society more Eco-friendly. I have a deep respect for the Nature and Earth.Using EarthBag technology, I am planning to build a Eco-friendly, Sustainable homes.Thank you for giving me this opportunity to learn about EarthBag technology.”
-“Planning of build orphanage and rebuilding some houses which destroy by recent earthquake”
-“After completing the training i want to be professional earthbag house builder.”
-“I would like to share it further to those who need it to re built. Also would like to experiment this technology for commercial buildings like Resort Bungalow etc.”
-“We are planning of building the libraries at the remote places which lack the books they should be reading in their grades and others.”
-“After earthquake I went so many districts around nepal to collect damage data for UNHCR,UN. It was great experience for me to visit damaged area and to know about real situation of country after earthquake. among those places yarsa village of rasuwa district is the place where there is no any reconstruction activity, so if possible then I want to work there after talking workshop of earthbag nepal.”
-“After training I would like to learn more about earthbag technologies. Using the EarthBag technology I am planning to build homes.”

Kateryna Zemskova, Co-founder/President of Good Earth
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  1. The fuel shortage in Nepal has made it extremely difficult and expensive to get things done. It’s amazing anything gets done. There’s a photo on their website of people lined up for a mile or so to get fuel. People wait in line for days and rotate with friends and family members to use the restroom. And obviously transport costs are now sky high, assuming you can even find trucks with fuel.


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