“Revolutionary” EV Battery Begins Production

A new battery technology by Solid Power sounds like a major challenger to Tesla’s battery system. This will interest off gridders and others with alternative energy systems. The following article by CleanTechnica claims these solid-state batteries have 2-3x more energy than Tesla’s lithium ion batteries, as well as having a number of other key advantages. It will be interesting to see which battery system wins out.

“One significant challenge to lithium-ion EV battery technology is coming from the lithium-sulfur field. In particular, we’ve been following lithium-sulfur battery research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. In 2013 the lab announced that it had solved an important “catch-22” that had been holding things up, and it has been very busy since then.

Here’s Oak Ridge with a rundown: “The ORNL technology will aid Solid Power in the development of solid-state rechargeable batteries that can provide two to three times the energy of conventional lithium ion technologies. Because all-solid batteries lack any volatile or flammable liquid components, they hold potential to save costs by eliminating many of the expensive safety features typically associated with lithium-ion systems.”

If the plans all work out, Solid Power will begin rolling out its first large-scale prototypes in December.”

More at the source: CleanTechnica.com

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