Rice Hull Tubes between Double Steel Pipe — 6 Comments

  1. Seems like this would be a sound method to use with gravel fill as well. Definitely would be heavier than hulls but still faster and maybe a little lighter than moist soil.

    For whatever reason here in the us, if you look online for galvanized steel pipe, the prices are pretty high. However, if you look for EMT tubing, it is much cheaper and appears to be galvanized (zinc coated) as well.

    I also don’t see any reason for the more expensive large (1″ or more) diameter tubing, if it will be tied together between courses. Especially since I read that rebar should work as well.

    I might try this method with some not so sharp gravel and the raschel mesh roll I have, if you think it’s possible. If so, I’ll document everything and submit it to the take it to zero foundation.

    • The joints In the new micro concrete tiles are the main source. (It’s an octagonal roof. The ridges are tricky to seal.) And I think a lot of rain blew in through the roof vent.

    • Sorry, no drawings available at this time. It’s just earthbag tubing with galv. pipe on both sides of the wall. One suggestion for pipe foundations is PVC pipe filled with concrete.

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