Open Source Disaster Resistant Earthbag Homes for Nepal — 5 Comments

  1. We are building an e-bag roundhouse with a self supporting gable roof in the Upper Peninsula, we will not have time to plaster the outside or inside walls, Is it possible to cover with tarps until spring?

    • Yes, if you secure them carefully. Wind can really whip tarps to shreds quickly, so use high quality tarps and tie them on securely.

  2. I’ve heard of a proposed government shelter aid kit that will provide metal roofing, nails, hammer, tape measure and a few other basic tools. The idea is to let people use their choice of walls and the government provides a few tools and materials to help finish the roof. This is all preliminary. We’ll see what eventually transpires. But the basic idea sounds pretty good.

    • Owen
      Its true. The government has decided to provide metal sheets, nails,… etc. Apart from these things,even 1000 US $ is not easy for almost all families in the remote villages apart from the Kathmandu valley. Does it work even during the monsoon ? The monsoon will arrive soon,around half of june and will continue till september.It would be better if one can construct shelters without things like metal rod,cement,….

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