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Ripples’ topics for a sustainable lifestyle
Ripples’ topics for a sustainable lifestyle

“Ripples is a blog connecting people to resources on sustainable living while chronicling our off-grid journey and supporting the work of non-profit organizations.

Ripples Blog: Telling Our Story
Our goal is to build a healthy, organic lifestyle in a small earthbag home, using sustainable alternative systems for transportation, energy, water, food production and…well, everything! We hope to preserve habitat for native species in the Ozark Mountains while learning (and educating others) about native habitat creation. This blog follows our journey “off the grid”: using alternative electricity sources like solar power. The blog itself is also off-grid, powered by 100% solar energy!

As we were learning about how to live a sustainable lifestyle, we built a Wiki (an online place to store information) so that readers can learn exactly what we are learning, and even contribute their own knowledge and experience! You can learn about gardening, raising animals, building an eco-friendly home, bartering, bicycling, and much more. As a work in progress, we’re constantly adding new information. Check out our Wiki here.”

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Note: The graphic showing Ripples’ topics is almost exactly how I view my work and life. A holistic view of things is helpful in organizing and grasping all the myriad topics involved in sustainable living

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