Rivers of Land

This post is quoted from the Rivers of Land website. Even though their site hasn’t been maintained for a long time, they do have some very good ideas to think about. I wish them the best. Maybe another group can accomplish something similar?

Who are we?
We are people who have always wanted to live our lives and grow ourselves in a friendly environment. We also want good health, good fresh food grown by ourselves, earth shelters to live in comfortably, and educations free from the harnesses of huge mortgages and debt.

We want to create a multicultural multi species network throughout the earth.

In addition to acquiring large tracts of land, we would like to establish healing models or staying well models, schools using rapid learning techniques, alternative fuels and new forms of energy inventions. This can be done with the skills and knowledge of 100,000 people. We are all wanting to share our knowledge and learn more.

Our Goal
We propose a collective university of 100,000 people and their knowledge for the purpose of developing new learning and teaching based on the information presented by the living plants, animals, rocks, soil, air etc.
Humans willing to establish earthbag shelters and ecologically sound systems of waste disposal methods are invited.

The goal: 100,000 people paying the tuition of $100 one to four times a year will produce $10,000,000.00 which will be used to buy large tracks of land all over the earth.

Earthbag homes in every country will provide the needed dormitory space for all who wish to develop a new way of life which will be compatible with all. We believe there should be no owned houses with mortgages; moving from one branch of the university to another branch in another country is encouraged.

Register now and become the true human being who loves for all life to flourish in a sane and healthy environment. This will be the grandest multicultural event in the creation of the true earth as we knew it to be in our hearts when we were first born here.

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