Rocket Mass Heaters 4-DVD Set

“The annual cost of a rocket mass heater is less than a tenth of the annual cost of natural gas – and that’s if you buy the fuel instead of harvest it yourself. And a rocket mass heater emits less than a tenth of the greenhouse gasses. Many rocket mass heaters will heat a home with a tenth of the wood of what a conventional wood stove will use. The trick is to mix modern science with knowledge from hundreds of years ago: Burn the smoke; capture heat from the exhaust; focus on the more efficient forms of heat (radiant and conductive heat are favored over convective heat); and, most of all, use a mass to hold the heat for days.”

This Kickstarter page has more details about their plan to produce additional rocket mass heater DVDs.

2 thoughts on “Rocket Mass Heaters 4-DVD Set”

  1. My dad has been going nuts reading about rocket mass stoves/heaters, since I first referred him to the design. He has been scouring thing internet, watching instructional and review videos for about 10 months. I’ll make sure to get my parents to take photos/videos, so we can share them with your site.


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