Rolling Homes Review

Lloyd Kahn and Shelter Publications has just published another spectacular book of eye candy featuring hundreds of color photographs of various forms of shelter on wheels. Within these pages you will find 11 vans, 9 all-terrain vehicles, 2 solar powered vehicles, 23 campers on pickups, 7 house trucks, 4 house buses, 13 trailers and 5 cycles. Each one of these is accompanied by the story behind its creation and a list of “vital statistics” regarding components.

Frequently the authors of these stories credit Lloyd for the original inspiration provided by his previous books published over many decades, including “Shelter” and “Home Work,” both of which feature my own work on my original bus parked on the California coast and the earthbag house I built in Colorado. I should have sent him a packet describing “Full Circle”, the sculpted tiny home trailer that I recently built (you can see this at ), because it would fit right in with all of the other creations.

So if you are looking for inspiration to begin your own rolling shelter adventure, or just love immersing yourself in the amazing world of tiny homes on wheels, then this book is for you. You can find it at

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