The Rustic Home

The Rustic Home by Ralph Kylloe
The Rustic Home by Ralph Kylloe

“The Rustic Home explores the mythical and romantic West through the architecture and artistry of its residents. It reveals how the romance, lore, passion, and history of rugged old cabins, settler shelters, and mountain shacks have influenced and shaped modern Western architecture.
Ralph Kylloe is the foremost authority on rustic furniture and owner of the Ralph Kylloe Gallery at Lake George, in New York’s Adirondack Mountains. He is the author of fourteen previous books, including Adirondack Home, Hickory Furniture, Cabins and Camps, Rustic Artistry for the Home, The Rustic Cabin, Rustic Traditions, Rustic Furniture Makers, and Fly Fishing the Great Western Rivers. Explore the mythic West through its elegant and rustic architecture and décor.”

Gibbs Smith publishers

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  1. Now THAT is a rustic fireplace. It’s still a little grand, but it’s grandeur is nicely understated. The mirror is ridiculous, though.


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