From Sand to Soil in 7 hrs! The Biggest Scientific Discovery Ever? — 5 Comments

  1. When will Nano clay be available to commercial ag industry in the United States? I could use some right about now. There are scientific papers explaining the polymer science of this technique since 2013.

  2. Yes Dr. Owen. Very exciting! Its a “miracle” in that the “impossible” has happened thanks to the unrelenting human search for a solution. “Necessity is the mother of invention” and “where there is a will there is away!” Soil from sand–wow! There is hope for our planet! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Email comments:
    Is nano clay the same as finely sifted clay powder? It’s easy to make clay powder and do a little experimenting. Mix it with water and see if it drains down through the sand. Maybe add a wetting agent such as a little liquid soap?

    Mixing clay with sand makes adobe or something similar? Yes, but in this instance I think they’re only adding a small quantity — just enough to stimulate the growth of micorrhizal fungi. The process is patented so anyone could check the % of clay used.

    Yes, it would be very, very hard to grow plants like this in the worst case situations. But there are many areas where it would likely work. Certainly it’s worth a try.

  4. The biggest question in the YouTube comments is about how to get water for the plants. Desalination does work but it’s costly and uses lots of energy. Keep in mind that sometimes there is underground water, periodic rains and/or nearby rivers and streams. Desert greening projects could be started in areas where water is available. You could start with drought resistant plants the first few years to minimize water use.

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