Small Homes: The Right Size

Lloyd Kahn and Shelter Publications have assembled another gorgeous architectural book, this time focusing on Small Homes: The Right Size. After having published two other books about tiny homes, Lloyd has realized that many individuals and families are just not comfortable squeezing their lives into such small spaces. So he has scanned the world for moderately sized homes that are roughly between 400 and 1200 square feet (37 and 112 square meters), what he feels is the “sweet spot” between tiny and extravagant.

I always enjoy Lloyd’s books because they are full of eye candy; every page is crammed with full color photos taken inside and outside of a carefully selected array of fun architecture. Shelter Publications is so confident that you will find the book worthwhile that they offer a lifetime money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with the book. What other publisher would dare to make such a bold offer!

Small Homes is really about more than architecture; it is also about life styles. Each featured home profiles the folks who either live in or built it, so you get a glimpse into the lives of some very interesting people. As I read the book I often wished that I had an opportunity to meet and become friends with many of them.

You will find within these pages ideas galore for how you might design or organize your own home. The value is all about inspiration. Like his many previous publications over the past nearly half century, where people still have tattered copies and attribute their own building projects to ideas they contain, Small Homes is destined to become a cherished reference book.

Lloyd has a fondness for architecture crafted from wood, so wooden homes are prominently featured. With rich natural colors, textures and grains the sensibilities of the wood butcher’s art are a delight for the eye. Often the framework of the building is visible on the inside.

Over 65 homes are featured in this edition, and many of these are laid out with four-page spreads. This oversized book has 222 colorful pages, all on glossy high quality paper. There are over a thousand photographs. And the book sells for an astonishingly low price. I doubt that Lloyd Kahn will ever have a dissatisfied customer.

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  1. His books are excellent, and this sounds like one of his best. “A picture is worth a 1,000 words” so this book should be very valuable. I also agree on the livability issue of slightly larger homes than tiny homes for most people, especially if homesteading with kids, doing your own cooking, canning, etc.


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