Smoked Bamboo Furniture — 4 Comments

  1. We heat-treated bamboo for the purpose of building bicycles and using as rebar in the construction of an earthship-style wall last year…both worked tremendously well, although we didn’t complete the bamboo bikes.

    We used a cob oven to heat treat the bamboo….worked great!

  2. One advantage of this method is you don’t need to apply varnish or other coatings. I actually prefer the natural smoked look better than varnish or other coatings. As usual, make samples using different techniques to see what you prefer.

    • Use polyurethane, etc. to waterproof the bamboo. Bamboo decomposes very rapidly in the presence of water and humidity and insects. Even then don’t let water splash directly on the bamboo. Use stone and other more durable materials that will get wet.

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