Smokeless Stoves

Clean cooking stoves in place of open cooking fires are being provided in Nepal
Clean cooking stoves in place of open cooking fires are being provided in Nepal

I’ve been told that smokeless stoves are being built in every district of Nepal by the following two organizations:

Alternative Energy Promotion Center
“Improved cook stove (ICS) is a device that is designed to improve combustion efficiency of biomass, consume less fuel, save cooking time, convenient in cooking process and creates smokeless environment in the kitchen or reduction in the volume of smoke produced during cooking against the traditional stove.

Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) promotes both mud-brick and metallic ICS. Metallic ICS is for High Mountain and Hilly region (above 2,000m.) and Mud-brick ICS is for Terai region.

Impact on Environment
• Fuel wood consumption reduced by about half
• 30 to 90 percent reduction in indoor air pollution
• Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by about 2.5 ton carbon dioxide per year per stove

Impact on Health
• Fewer respiratory disease, particularly lower respiratory infections such as pneumonia among children and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) among women
• Fewer eye problems as well as other health problems such as headache
• Reduced fire hazard in the kitchen

Impact on Gender
• Reduced drudgery of women as they spend less time collecting firewood, cooking and washing dishes
• Improved health of women due to reduced exposure to smoke
• Increased participation by men in kitchen work because of clean environment”

Anita Badal – Die Ofenmacher e.V.
“In most of Sub-Saharan Africa, household air pollution (HAP) was found to be the among the 3 leading risks together with childhood underweigth and suboptimal breastfeeding. In South Asia HAP is the leading risk. World wide HAP is ranked four.

Our aim is the widespread introduction of smokefree stoves especially in developing countries. We are currently active in Nepal, Ethiopia and Kenya. The project started in Nepal.”
Thanks to Dr. Schroeter for this tip.

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