Solvatten Water Filter and Water Heater

Solvatten water filter and water heater
Solvatten water filter and water heater

“Solvatten: reducing deforestation, soil erosion and CO2 emissions

SOLVATTEN is a combined water treatment and solar water heater system typically used in situations where water resources are scarce and prone to contamination. It enables children and their families living without safe water to improve their quality of life. Built to last an entire childhood, the SOLVATTEN solution brings lasting change.

Our impact
The benefits of SOLVATTEN have been documented over many years through projects around the world. SOLVATTEN is currently active in 45 different projects with various international partners. 18 of these are based in Kenya, 9 in Uganda, 3 in Tanzania and the rest in 15 other countries. With more than 120,000 users across the world, we are proud of the positive impact SOLVATTEN has on people’s lives everyday. The exceptional thing with SOLVATTEN is how much people value their units – we believe this is key to bringing lasting change.

Based on projects past and present, these are just a few of the benefits we hear about from SOLVATTEN users:
• Better health due to safe drinking water and improved hygiene practices.
• Reduced medical treatment costs and fewer sick days.
• Fewer burn injuries and problems associated with smoke inhalation, as families burn less wood and charcoal indoors.
• Time savings – less time collecting firewood and less time tending to fires.
• Huge economic savings associated with a reduction in fuelwood purchases.
• Positive environmental impacts – carbon savings, reduced deforestation and soil erosion.
• People have time to invest in income generating activities.
• School attendance increases as families are less dependent on children to perform household tasks.”


4 thoughts on “Solvatten Water Filter and Water Heater”

  1. Thank you for highlighting our product. Solvatten comes in two sizes 5 and 10 litres. The cost of the product (not including shipment) is USD 65/99. Capacity of the system is 20/40 litres per day and it can heat water to 75°C. Will hold through 7-10 years if treated with care.

    Contact here:

    • Thanks for the information. The cost is very reasonable.

      Note: I’m sure you mean “will hold up through 7-10 years…”.

  2. Well, finally got myself a place, 2 br, 2 bath cabin built in 1905, gutted and refurbished. My only challenge at this point is the hot water. Going to have to pull the entire heater out to put in a new anode to squash the sulfur smell.Thinking of a water cachement system and using that as main instead of well.This other thing looks interesting. How much and at what rate does it handle water? and Quanto? JV

    • You’ll have to search their website for details. But glad to hear things are coming together for you. Roofwater collection systems are often the best way to go. More and more the groundwater is too polluted or otherwise not suitable for human use.


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