Strawbale Round House Showcases Every Natural Building Method Imaginable

Hassan’s round house– a structure still under construction– showcases just about every natural building technique you can imagine. His house is in the second year of building, but it’s future beauty is already visible even though it’s unfinished. This house implements many systems– heating, cooling, insulation, water– that make it a truly sustainable house.

Hassan designed every part of this strawbale house to be functional, sustainable, and aesthetically impeccable. It’s not a tiny house, but it is a small house made for multiple families to share a minimal space. It’s still unfinished but in this video he explains what he’s built so far, and what the house will look like when he’s finished. The tour continues with an explanation of the benefits of a round house design. From cordwood, cob and wattle and daub, to strawbale and light clay straw, this house features every kind of natural building method imaginable.

Clever Sustainable Design Features Of Hassan’s Strawbale Round House Pt 2
Hassan Hall Natural Builder
Hassan’s Round House: Bottle Bricks, Natural Light and Ventilation

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