Strawmark Strawbale Homes Survive Another Major Earthquake in NZ

Email to Strawmark Homes:
Hello. Did your strawbale homes survive the recent earthquakes in New Zealand okay? We’ve profiled your homes in two past articles on our Natural Building Blog. Thanks, Owen

Hi Owen, Yes our homes have been fine, as we would expect them to be..
Our understanding of the research done internationally is that the depth and the strength of the compressed bale walls absorb a large portion of the movement and flexing that the earthquakes create.

Another huge safety factor for our homes is because our walls are .500 in depth, for any roof members to fall, the building would have to move more than .500 of a metre. That combined with the fact our walls are connected through the foundation up and over the top plate means our houses are very well tied together.

Our Christchurch homes worked very well in the past earthquakes and I have spoken with our clients in the Nelson & Amberley areas after the last event. Responses below.

Date: 17 November 2016 9:06:14 AM NZDT
To: strawmark ltd
Hi Karin and Alan,
A great time to live in a Strawmark home! Safe and sound even with some really good shaking. Doors were swinging and hard to stand up to get to Peter downstairs. These houses really are as you said. More solid than lots of rock around here!
We are a bit shaken, especially our 2 and a half year old but feel completely safe in our Strawmark home.
Take care, and thanks for keeping in touch,
Nick and Mel Deane

Date: 17 November 2016 9:05:46 PM NZDT
To: strawmark ltd
Hi Karin & Alan
Lovely to hear from you both. Yes it was a very scary quake, rocked and rolled for what seemed like an eternity. The cottage had folk from California staying but seemed to handle the movement okay. Lights were rocking all over the place. We have been slowly repainting the inside each spring. We are all okay and very lucky, not something we wish to repeat. We have had thousands of aftershocks which just keep reminding you. Just something we have to live with being in NZ.
Thanks for thinking of us. All the best
Lynne & Jon XX

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