Super Bright & Spacious Tiny House is Just Perfect!

Jess from Rewild Homes gives us a tour of the Fox Sparrow tiny house. It’s spacious, functional, and bright; and it’s perfect for a person or couple who plan to work from home!

The house is built on a 24 foot trailer, and it measures approximately 160 square feet. It is designed to be on the grid, so there’s no composting toilet or grey water tank. It has a spacious bathroom with a full-sized shower, toilet, and space for a combo washer dryer.

The kitchen has an apartment sized fridge, a full cooking range, and a large sink. Adjacent to the kitchen counter is a live edge desktop with space for two people to work from home.

The hang out space is spacious and comfortable with lots of floor space for entertaining, yoga, etc. The staircase to the loft provides a ton of extra storage underneath, and leads to a 10 foot sleeping loft above, which provides room for a king sized bed.

This is another great video from Exploring Alternatives.

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