SuperAdobe Earthbag Tiny House Time Lapse

“A time lapse showing the construction of a SuperAdobe earthbag tiny house! Brought to you by Happen Films, in association with the Simplicity Institute.”


Excellent work. This design utilizes the speed and efficiency of earthbag tubes to make a highly stable roundhouse. This has good potential for earthquake regions such as Nepal, unlike domes that are not practical or popular in Nepal. I would suggest a slightly larger roof overhang, because any part of the wall not protected by a roof will turn black with mold in rainy climates. Also, Nepalese would like a loft for storing food. Interesting detail that I just learned – years ago many Nepali’s built roundhouses. I believe roundhouses were the preferred choice due to greater earthquake resistance. Roundhouses may have dropped out of style as modern materials such as concrete and steel were introduced. Right now the country is in a state of shock and seriously reevaluating how to rebuild their country stronger and more sustainably.

Other notes: I asked a recent group of trainees how many of them would consider building a roundhouse, and about half raised their hands. I was surprised. I had the impression most people here wanted traditional Nepali style houses, but clearly people are rethinking how they’re going to rebuild. In a nutshell, people are really afraid and want safe housing and schools. Also note, poly tubing is easier to get in Nepal than bags. It’s readily available from carpet supply stores in Kathmandu. Plus, the tubing is available in heavy duty thicknesses, which is perfect for building with earthbags. Buy the strongest tubing you can afford.

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  1. Note how the base of the wall is slightly wider than the top of the wall. This is inherently more stable than perfectly vertical walls. I’ve been thinking about this the last two weeks or so and using this point in my trainings. Little details like this add a lot of strength. Also, I encourage everyone to add buttresses and/or earthbag benches to the doorway since this is the weakest point in the building.

    Another point is the wood sheathing on the roof is a good detail. The wood will dampen the noise of rain on the roof and help reduce overheating and heat loss.

    Don’t forget to add a stovepipe through the wall for a smokeless stove.


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