SuperAdobe Home in Costa Rica

Bioclimatic earthbag dome home in Costa Rica
Bioclimatic earthbag dome home in Costa Rica

“Ayal Bryant from Barro Vivo CR told Inhabitat because they live in a relatively hot and dry climate, where they receive about 3 months of rain and the rest of the year is pretty much dry, they wanted to build a house that would remain cool during the day without air-conditioning or fans. “So we decided to go for super adobe mainly because of its thermal properties but also because one of how it feels almost primal to live within,” she said.

The house – comprised of five full domes and four half domes – was buried nearly 20 inches below ground level to further protect it from the elements. All of the earth removed to bury the house was used with a 5 percent stabilizing cement admix for the walls. Oriented towards the Pacific Ocean to take advantage of prevailing winds, the home has two bedrooms, a large living room, three bathrooms, a kitchen, service room, walk-in closet and pantry. There is a mezzanine over the kitchen and even a balcony.”

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