Sustainable Preparedness Expo in Spokane, Washington


The sustainable expo was a great success! There were over 700 visitors to the expo and our booth was the second most demanded subject at the expo. The great thing is that we were the only renewable energies booth at the whole expo, so needless to say there was always a line up of people (3-5 people deep) at any given time during the expo (even before it opened!). Your video was playing on our computer so the people in line waiting to talk to me were able to stand there and watch it. Many people even waited for 15 minutes just to ask me questions. As a result, my wife ended up spending most of her time answering questions about your video and book while they waited in line. We did not print copies of your book because it was going to cost $50, but we showed the book to people with our 17 inch laptop, which probably had better color than a printed copy would have had. I am hoping you have seen a spike in visitors coming to your website from the whole inland northwest, even the west coast because we sent hundreds of people to your website for more information on earth bag homes and designs and promoted the video. Thank you for helping to make our booth a great success. I hope it has advanced our cause of sustainable living and increased your potential customer base.

Thank You Again
Andy Whitehurst
Frontline Solar &
Zero NRG

[Consider attending sustainable expos and other similar events in your area. It’s a great way to learn, meet others of like mind and have a little fun.]

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  1. The video Andy is referring to is my Earthbag Building Video that’s been done for weeks, but we’re experiencing some technical difficulties. We hope to have it available on Amazon before too long.


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