T-bricks – the easy way to make an adobe home — 6 Comments

  1. I like the advancements with the concept in this project. Corner forms, deeper forms, and enough forms to “caterpillar” along the wall. Those are great improvements.

    They’ve done a remarkable job on this, and the main cost is in the roof, the walls being little more than labor. They claimed ~240 hours on this building, which is 8 X 30 hour work weeks. 2 months is not a bad price to pay for a home.

  2. It seems this method would have become fairly popular by now. It’s super low cost, simple, low tech, faster than adobe because you’re not drying and flipping and moving adobes back and forth, and obviously it’s 100% natural and sustainable. But there are very few examples of this as far as I know. Maybe Abe knows of other projects. This reminds me of my blog post the other day about Resistance to Change. People are very slow to change even when faced with excellent opportunities to have something better. Instead, it seems the majority of people are glued to their cell phones checking facebook constantly.

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