Food Rising Mini Farm Grow Box V2.0

“The Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Box V2.0 has been announced by the Health Ranger! This is the revolutionary system that:
* Grows food without using any electricity.
* Saves you up to 95% on your food bill!
* Uses 1/20th the water of traditional gardening.
* Has no pumps or complex parts.
* Requires no weeding.
* Grows food at waist height.
* Self watering using gravity.
* Grows vegetables, herbs, strawberries, beets, salad greens and more.
* Can be used over and over again, season after season.”

Get your Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Box V2.0 now at
Video of old version that shows how the plants grow, etc.

9 thoughts on “Food Rising Mini Farm Grow Box V2.0”

  1. Aquaponics don’t require outside fertilizers, and if you use them you will likely kill your fish. The only things normally added other than fish food, are used to adjust the ph of the water, and afaik that’s usually mostly in the early stages while things are settling in, and then just keeping an eye on the system to make sure it maintains itself.

    Some people even raise most of the food the fish are fed.

    Hydroponics are a very different story.

  2. I hope I didn’t come across too harshly. Mike Adams, the inventor, is a great guy with lots of great ideas and content at Natural He promotes alternative health much the same as we promote alternative building.

  3. As a long time biodynamic practitioner and educator with no intentions to be negative I know that it is not possible to grow nutrient dense plants without soil as the food has no earth forces. Human health and fertile soil are interrelated and dependent and fertile soil leads to soul consciousness.

    • Good point. I’ve always been suspicious of aquaponics and have always gone the natural route figuring nature knows best. We’re working on a new video now about our new garden beds in between forest garden trees. Hint: the veggies are various heights and function like a mini forest garden and ‘food growing like weeds’.

    • my thoughts exactly. Nature knows what her stewards need and it should be vice versa. We should flow with what we have. However, new technology has its place to that may in one way or another enhance a natural environment. Like growing more kelp, seaweed, plants for marine life, human health, medicine, etc. Great comments and article.

      • I had another thought on this: plants are more than just minerals. I know this because we’ve been dumping truckload after truckload of soil amendments on our garden, but still plants struggle. It takes time for rain, plant roots, worms and all the countless organisms working together to turn it into rich dynamic soil.

  4. It takes a long time to build excellent garden soil, so I appreciate alternatives such as container gardening, windowsill gardening, etc. My question about this soilless system is you are dependent on fertilizer from an outside company. You’d have to buy their fertilizer for every crop forever. Maybe you can find comparable natural liquid fertilizer locally.


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