Tales from the Green Valley

“Tales from the Green Valley, explores life on a British farm in the 17th century. This 12 x 1/2 hour television documentary, produced and directed by Peter Sommer, attracted large audiences and wide critical acclaim. Tales from the Green Valley follows the five as they labor for a full agricultural year, getting to grips with period tools, skills, and technology from the age of the Stuarts, the reign of James I.

Everything must be done by hand, from plowing with a team of oxen using a replica period plowing and thatching a cowshed using only authentic materials, to making their own washing liquid for laundry and harvesting the hay & wheat with scythes and sickles. Each of the 12 half-hour programmes, made by Lion TV for BBC Wales, follows a month in the life of the farm situated on the Welsh borders.”

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    • How about “Building Off the Grid”? They’re currently looking for DIY projects for the next season so I may do a blog post about this soon.

  1. They have already done a series like this in the US but with I think 3 families. It was done here in Montana in what I think it Big Timber.
    It was a PBS series, I believe you can get on DVD.


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