Take it to Zero Logo Design Contest

Take it to Zero logo -- reduce the cost of world changing ideas to zero.
Take it to Zero logo — reduce the cost of world changing ideas to zero.

The Take it to Zero project is moving along rapidly. It was first proposed about two weeks ago on March 28. A few days later volunteer work started on the MyBB forum. The forum will be the main gathering point for people to collaborate on projects. A reader is creating the forum and hosting it for free. Thank you Mike!

It soon became evident that a catchy logo was needed. I drew a crude sketch to illustrate the basic concept. On a whim I sent it to one of our readers who had offered to help. To my surprise I got back a very appealing, professional looking piece of graphic art. The keyword is “art”, not just a literal graph. The logo exhibited clean design in a compact space. However, the meaning of this particular logo may not be immediately clear to those who don’t know what the project is about. I think it can be improved.

So now I’m announcing a Take it to Zero logo design contest for the forum and eventual blog that will showcase Success Stories. The winner will receive their choice of 1, 2 or 3 natural building books of their choice from:
Earthbag Building Guide (my earthbag ebook that summarizes all the most important building information)
25 Small Sustainable House Plans (my new book that’s due out very soon, just needs a bar code)
Earthbag Architecture – Kelly Hart’s new earthbag book that’s due out very soon. (I just read it today and it’s Excellent! Yipee! We’re long overdue for some new books on earthbag building.)

Basic rules for the logo contest:
– Logo size: 276 pixels in height, width can vary
– Total available space for logo plus title text Take it to Zero.org or Take it to Zero = 276H x 1015W pixels
– Entry deadline: Midnight April 26, 2015 (it may take me a few days to decide)
– I will be the sole judge to keep things simple. There is only one winner, sorry.
– The ideal logo will be eye catching, self-explanatory, easy to interpret and memorable.
– Ideally the same logo would look good on t-shirts, coffee cups, etc. (You never know what’s going to happen, right? It’s good to be open to other options.)
– Limit of two entries per person.
– Send JPEG file to me by email at naturalhouses [at] gmail.com. Include your name as you would like it to appear in the blog post that announces the winner.
– I reserve the right to modify the design if necessary. For instance, let’s say I really like the winning design except for the color. I want to be able to change the color, size or other design elements to get it just the way I want.
– I will not be obligated to use any of the contest entries, although the best design will receive the award as stated above.

Questions? Leave comments below.

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