Terra Alta Roundhouse

Learn natural building at Terra Alta
Learn natural building at Terra Alta

“A modular, 3-Part Natural Building Intensive, focused on learning multiple earthen building techniques.

Have you been dreaming of building your own natural home, re-modeling your house or just want to have a natural building immersive experience? Then come for this 3-week intensive hands-on course!

At Terra Alta we aspire to live off-the-grid and aim to build homes that are appropriate for a humid coastal climate. In the past years we have been actively researching and experimenting with the most functional techniques to provide comfortable housing using natural and locally available materials. Using Permaculture as a tool, we design our structures to work harmoniously with the landscape while being both beautiful and functional.

During this three week workshop we will build a round-house with a reciprocal roof and utilise a variety of natural building techniques including timber framing and light clay straw. Additionally we will be finishing an existing unique cob structure with clay plasters and building a Rocket Mass Heater to bring a sense a art and sustainable heating. Through utilising two structures you will see both aspects of starting and finishing a building project in short period of time.

The whole land at Terra Alta is a continuous food forest as the remnants of past land use and native vegetation combine with our earthworks and plantings for bio-diversity. We work in layers, diversity abounds, the nuclei are merging and the yields are flowing.”

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