The Winter Harvest with Eliot Coleman

“This is Eliot Coleman’s presentation at the Asheville Mother Earth News Fair in April of 2016. Eliot is a celebrated farming expert encouraging people and communities to choose locally grown organic food. He helped pioneer the movement with his first book “The New Organic Grower” published over 20 years ago. He continues leading the way, expanding the limits of the harvest season deep into and through winter at his world-renowned farm in Harborside, Maine.

His latest book, “The Winter Harvest Handbook” which is featured in this talk, shares his hard-won experience for gardeners and farmers alike. Reap the benefits of his wisdom and grow abundant cold season harvests even through the depths of winter. Grow quality produce in unheated or minimally heated, movable greenhouses by adopting his innovative practices and adapting them to your own climate.”

Eliot Coleman is one of the greatest gardeners of all time. Great speaker. Amazing images of his greenhouse crops. He gives a fascinating history of the evolution of greenhouses in Europe to modern hoop houses and caterpillar tunnels in the US.

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