The $100 House — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Owen.

    MANY Thanks to you and Kelly for all you do.

    MANY Thanks to everyone reading these posts and comments FOR ALL YOU DO IN YOUR OWN LIVES!

    We are dreaming the everchanging world into being.

    Many thanks for this great post.

    Sharing resources for how folks can live differently from the past paradigm, this is of much greater value than all the artificially overpriced houses and apartments on the planet–combined.

    Here are a few of my understandings about resilience.

    We each have our pieces of the puzzle to share, on these adventures together.



    We are magical powerful beings. We take action in whatever manner is appropriate for each of us.


  2. Hi Owen,

    I like this article a lot. Yes, it is possible to build with local materials. Some of the materials I buy local however, I am seeing that individuals are charging a high price sine they are the only suppliers around (sometimes within hundreds of miles). However, I estimated my 900 sq. foot home made from local soils, some cement and sandbags, with reclaimed doors, windows, lumber, etc. will run about $1,000. I did find out however, in Navajo county there is a beautiful older adobe home of that size, selling for $150,000! due to newer and newer code enforcements. What a shame. Some of us are soo poor in this area, many sleep in tents.

    • We understand. That’s why we do what we do. The housing market is totally out of sync with reality. When a system (building codes/banking in this instance) doesn’t provide for the vast majority of people to afford decent, safe housing then in my opinion it’s broken. It’s that simple. The system is broken. But instead of just complaining about it, which does no good, Kelly and I have spent years trying to show realistic alternatives. This includes tiny homes, cabins, earthbag building, adobe, using poles from the forest, recycled materials, etc. We now have around 3,000 pages of free information about natural building on the Internet.

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