The Earth Buildings of Hakka People

Thanks to Jay for recommending this video. It’s another good example of natural building that has lasted centuries. Unfortunately there are some minor technical glitches in the video.

“For some strange reason the video runs for the first 12 minutes or so, then starts over and reruns the first 12 minutes, then continues on. Additionally, the audio gets significantly out of sync with the video. Feel free to skip the part that gets repeated.

If you can ignore the problems with the large video file, and focus on the buildings, It’s a fascinating story of earthen buildings in China, as well as the people who built them going back several hundreds of years.”

2 thoughts on “The Earth Buildings of Hakka People”

  1. I’m gratified that you found that video worthwhile.

    That architectural style would lend itself easily to earthbag construction techniques. Might be a great way to build a very close knit eco-community, a large school, an office building, possibly a hotel, apartments, or maybe even a dormitory.

    The central courtyard could be utilized in any number of useful ways. Everything from a protected garden, to a protected children’s playground, outdoor communal patio sheltered from the wind, to a central theatre and/or sporting arena with balcony seating.


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